Landscape Your Backyard Pool Area With C & L

Elite, residential Pool Landscaping for Jacksonville Homeowners

Landscape Your Backyard Pool Area With C & L

Your backyard pool is where friends and family gather to enjoy time together and beat the heat during the scorching, humid Jacksonville summers. Why not make your entire backyard pool space a part of the experience, and take this next summer’s gatherings to a whole new level?

With help from C & L Landscaping — Jacksonville’s trusted local landscapers and pavers for over 25 years — you can transform your backyard pool space into a posh, beautifully designed paved garden or simply beautify the corner near the covered table. No matter what your needs are, we can provide the expertise and experience to bring your project to life. Check out our gallery to see the results of our backyard pool projects for locals around our beautiful community. 

Ready to start your own backyard pool beautification project? Click the button below and let us know how we can help make your dream a reality.

Why Choose C & L Landscaping For Your Backyard Pool Project?

There is no shortage of Florida landscaping companies to choose from in Jacksonville, but C & L Landscaping distinguish ourselves in a  number of important ways:

  • Family owned-and-managed company
  • Locally owned-and-operated
  • Almost three decades of residential landscaping experience
  • Woman-led company
  • A commitment to excellence
  • Wide range of services

Back yard Pool

It’s about service. It’s about quality results and work that is durable and reliable, providing only the best because that’s what you deserve. Landscaping is a craft that has been passed down through our generations, see the difference today.

From parks and streetscapes to remodeling to lawn care, we do it all with an excellence that has given us a reputation throughout Florida. Learn more about what we can do for you and get your free quote today.



Check out the testimonials from our happy customers below

In today’s world it’s rare to get the kind of customer service we have enjoyed with C & L

Our project involved landscaping our backyard after we had a pool installed. We wanted to have a complete makeover to complement our new pool and enclosure. We also needed a new sprinkler system designed and installed…

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What a delight!

I really love the way C and L has landscaped my entire yard. George and Tommy and the others have done such a skillful artistic job with my beautiful pavers and just today the most perfect…

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It was a joy to work with the staff, managers, and workers.

C & L landscaping has played a major role in preparing my home here in Jax beach this past year. They have done a beautiful job. Almost any such company could do that but I have…

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