Summer Is Just Around The Corner


Looking for some summer fun that you can have in your backyard? Keep reading to learn about our favorite backyard lawn games.

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Chances are that you’re going to be spending a good amount of time in your yard this summer, so you might as well make the most of it. That’s why at C & L Landscape, we’re proud to offer the best residential landscaping services in Jacksonville that can take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Of course, once you have a backyard that you’ll actually enjoy spending your time in, you’re going to want something to do. Thankfully, we have put together a list of the top lawn games for your newly landscaped backyard that we think your whole family will enjoy. So fire up the grill, get the games ready, and start having some fun! Don’t have the yard you’ve always wanted? We can help! Contact us today to find the perfect solution for your needs and your budget.



There is no shortage of Florida landscaping companies to choose from in Jacksonville, but C & L Landscaping distinguish ourselves in a number of important ways:

  • Routine lawn care and maintenance
  • Landscape design
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Custom pergolas
  • Sprinkler system installation
  • Patios and brick pavers
  • Outdoor firepits
  • And much more!

5 Backyard Games To Play This Summer

5 Backyard Games to play this summer

With a beautifully designed lawn from your Jacksonville residential landscaping company, C&L Landscape, you won’t be able to wait to have the neighborhood over for a barbecue. Of course, all backyard bashes can benefit from a good set of lawn games. After all, there is only so much room to stand around the grill and chitchat. To help you get started, we’re sharing five of our favorite summer lawn games.

But first, if you’re thinking there’s no way your yard is in good enough shape for lawn games, don’t worry. We’d love to help get your landscaping in shape! Get in touch with your Jacksonville landscapers at C&L Landscape today to schedule a free consultation! Otherwise, keep reading to learn what games you can play in your own backyard for the best summer ever.

Top Lawn Games For Your Newly Landscaped Backyard


The average Joe’s polo, croquet lets you hit heavy balls with a mallet without having to ride on a horse to do so. Croquet has been an official lawn game for over 150 years and involves hitting a wooden ball through a wicket, a hoop that is staked into the ground. Because a nicely manicured lawn is key to playing a smooth game, be sure to get in touch with your residential landscaping company to make sure your backyard looks great before inviting the neighbors over for a rousing round of croquet.


While a lot of these games can be played on grass, horseshoes is best played on sand. If you plan on playing horseshoes often, let us know and we can discuss designing a sand horseshoe pit in your backyard landscaping design. A simple game with a long history, horseshoes involves throwing a metal horseshoe onto a metal stake from about forty feet away. Because the horseshoes are so heavy, you’ll definitely want to make sure this game is played away from kids and passersby.


Cornhole has become largely popular with college kids everywhere in the last decade or so and has become a staple at every backyard barbecue or outdoor wedding. Probably because it’s easy to play with a beer in your hand, and unlike horseshoes, if someone gets hit with a rogue beanbag they will probably be okay. This game involves throwing a beanbag into a slightly inclined plywood board with a hole in it. Points are awarded whether you get the bag through the hole, on the board, or even if you knock someone else’s bag off of the board.

Ladder Toss

Ladder toss, also called ladder ball, involves throwing bolas onto the horizontal bars of a ladder toss set. Bolas simply refers to two balls connected by a string. Originally, these contraptions were used by gauchos to capture cattle by entangling their legs but make for a fun lawn game to play in a nicely landscaped yard.

Giant Jenga

Jenga is typically a tabletop game, but recently it has become a fad to play giant Jenga outdoors. You can buy your own giant Jenga set, but it is super easy to DIY this one. You’ll simply need some 2x4s cut into 54 10.5-inch long blocks. To play, stack the blocks into a tower alternating the direction of each layer. First lay down 3 blocks side-by-side, then place another 3 perpendicularly on top of those. Continue until all of the blocks are used. Once you have your tower, take turns removing one block at a time. Whoever causes the tower to fall loses. Because wooden blocks don’t feel very good when they fall on your feet, we’d suggest wearing tennis shoes while playing this game.

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