Early this month, Hurricane Matthew formed from a tropical wave that originated off the coast of Africa. By the time Matthew reached our neck of the Atlantic Ocean, it had gathered a fierce bit of steam, threatening serious destruction in the Caribbean as well as the southeastern United States.

Our Marine Construction Crews Are Ready To Reverse Matthew’s Damage

When storms like Hurricane Matthew start making headlines in America, the marine construction team at C&L Landscape goes on high alert. We realize that even if the storm dies down a bit before it reaches Jacksonville, the wind and waves can still be enough to wreak havoc on both stationary and floating docks.

It took a few days for Hurricane Matthew to decide what it wanted to do, but by the time it reached Haiti and eastern Cuba, it was a full-fledged Category 4 hurricane. From there, it went on to pummel the Bahamas for two solid days.

Finally, as Hurricane Matthew closed in on the coasts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, it became obvious that things were going to be quite serious, and many people in the Sunshine State evacuated.

Contact C&L Landscape For Dock Repairs

If you were one of those who spent time elsewhere while Hurricane Matthew made landfall in the U.S., it’s likely that you returned to a dock that was sorely in need of repair. Contact C&L Landscape to set up a time for our experienced marine construction crew to evaluate your dock and ensure that it’s safe for use.

If we notice anything that’s out of the ordinary, our marine construction technicians will be happy to perform the necessary repairs. Call today!