The most common death of plants is over-watering.  It’s very common for gardeners to “over water” plants after they have had enough water. Just as our bodies won’t function properly from too much water, plants are the same. This can lead to your plants looking pale or can even kill them. You can tell if your plants are over-watered by looking at the color and the condition of the soil. If the soil is moist and your plants are a pale yellow or light green color, this usually means it has been over-watered. Wait for the soil to dry to start watering again. One way to ensure that your plants are getting the perfect amount of water is to install an irrigation system to your landscaping.

An irrigation and sprinkler system promotes the longevity and life of your lawn and plants. A controller device is installed in your house so that you can program what time the sprinkler operates and the pressure of water that flows out it. It acts as a thermostat for your water. The controller sends its communication to the controller box that is installed in an underground area by your house. This controller is hooked to the backflow device which releases water through the controller box and then to the underground water line. This underground hose is spread throughout your yard and landscape with sprinkler heads that peak the surface of the grass. When the sprinkler is activated, the sprinkler heads come up and release the appropriate amount of water at the right time.

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