Commercial landscaping is the grooming of a business establishment to enhance its physical appeal. C & L Landscaping adds so much more than just a physical appeal to businesses. We focus on the details and leave no stone un-turned. We seek to increase your revenue and attraction to your business through commercial landscaping. Customers highly value an attractive business. First impressions are everything.

We create a working functional environment that you, your co-workers and customers can enjoy. We pay attention to every detail to provide you with  high-quality landscaping that is easy to maintain and looks beautiful. Trust us, curb appeal is important in more than just residential homes.

C & L Landscape provides the highest quality services to the Jacksonville area. We are also cost effective and give you affordable competitive pricing. Our landscape designs are nothing short of beauty and will accent your building perfectly. Whether your business needs help with patios, walkways, planting of trees or other beautiful landscaping projects, we have the professional and effective team to make your commercial landscape ideas come to life. Contact C & L Landscaping today to get your free consultation.