In the world of backyards, building an outdoor kitchen is all of the rage. You can go small with just a barbecue and a counter or you can go big with with a fridge, a range and even a sink all out on the back patio. For those of you who are not familiar with this trend, allow C & L Landscape to tell you why this is such an amazing feature to your home.


If you are one of those homeowners who loves to entertain, then an outdoor kitchen is perfect for you. Your guests can get everything they would need without making a mess of your kitchen or the rest of your home. They can also enjoy the fresh air that comes from being in the great outdoors. We live in Jacksonville after all. The weather is great most of the time.

Less trips

When you are cooking out on the grill with your friends, you are constantly having to run in the house for this thing or that. With an outdoor kitchen, you will have everything you need all in one area. You can have everything from condiments and utensils to buns to ice cold beverages all right there next to the grill.

At C & L Landscape we can help make your outdoor kitchen complete with pavers or pergolas and make your backyard landscape be the perfect place for all of the neighborhood cookouts and all of the football parties. Whatever you can dream up, we can create it. Give us a call today for a free consultation.