In last month’s blog, we took some time to discuss the pros and cons of sod installation versus seeding your lawn. One of the pros of choosing to seed your lawn is the option to choose from a wider variety of grass species as sod suppliers typically only work with a few different types of grass. We realize that a lot of homeowners often do not consider the species of grass they are installing but typically want something hardy and easy to maintain. In today’s blog, we will be discussing different species of grasses that work well for lawn installation in Jacksonville. Of course, your residential landscapers are always here to offer advice when it comes to choosing which type of grass is right for your yard, so feel free to contact our Jacksonville landscaping company if you have any questions.

Types Of Grasses For Jacksonville Lawn Installations

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is most commonly seen on golf courses, sports fields, and in parks, but is also a popular choice for lawns. Almost every sod supplier provides Bermuda grass, making it a great economical option for those looking for sod installation. This hearty grass can withstand heavy foot traffic, holds up well during droughts, and is great for our subtropical climate here in northern Florida.

St. Augustine Grass

This grass is native to the Caribbean and Mediterranean and is perfect for those with waterfront homes in Jacksonville as it can tolerate salt spray well. St. Augustine grass thrives in hot and humid climates and requires heavy watering and regular fertilization. Because St. Augustine grass grows in a thatch-like pattern, it is often able to crowd out weeds, leading to an easy-to-maintain lawn, though it is susceptible to pests if not properly maintained. St. Augustine grass also has an incredibly high shade tolerance, so if your yard has a lot of trees, this could be a great option.

Zoysia Grass

Also known as Japanese lawn grass, Zoysia is an Asian grass that does well in subtropical climates here in the States. Because this is a less common grass, it is more expensive than Bermuda or St. Augustine grasses but many homeowners think it is well worth the extra upfront cost for this grasses ability to withstand drought and fight off pests. Unlike St. Augustine grass, Zoysia requires full sun and is not good for shady areas. Zoysia blades are soft and almost carpet-like, making it a great option if you have kids or grandkids running around your yard. Like St. Augustine grass, Zoysia is very salt-tolerant.

Looking To Install A Fresh Lawn? Your Jacksonville Landscapers Can Help!

Beautiful Lawn Installation In Jacksonville

When it comes to lawn installation, whether you are laying seed or installing sod, choosing a species of grass that is well adapted to our subtropical climate will help your new lawn grow to be strong and hardy. Contact C & L Landscaping today to schedule a free consultation for a lawn installation or other residential landscaping services!