We spend a lot of time going out to other places, having dinner, seeing sights, and visiting other sceneries. But why go out when you can enjoy beautiful scenery in our own backyard? No matter the yard size or location, at C & L Landscaping, we have professional landscape artists who are ready to share ideas with you to create the yard of your dreams.

Even in the smallest yards, the right design may present a grand vibe. Most of the time less is more. If your yard is already small, stay away from clutter and too many colors. This can make a tight space feel disorganized and even smaller. For small yards, the best practice is to choose one simple theme and run with it. When choosing furniture for your outdoor space, make sure it’s not too elaborate or wide. It may end up taking up more space than what you had planned.

Now whether you’re a creative innovator with many ideas or an individual that likes to keep things simple, there are always many landscaping concepts for everyone. Having a larger yard may allow you to have more than one theme and incorporate several different elements. We highly suggest drawing a diagram of the yard, how it is currently is, and a separate diagram of how and where you want things once the landscaping project is done. An issue that people run into when planning for a large yard is that they plan so much that they soon get discouraged and don’t finish the project. That’s where we can help! We’re just as excited as you are about your new yard, which is why we are standing by ready to create your at-home paradise. Contact C & L Landscaping today!