Whether you live on a lake, a marine, or a reservoir, Florida provides for plenty of outdoor watersports and leisure opportunities. It’s due to this fact that many of the residents of Jacksonville can recall with horror an experience they had on an old marine dock. From stepping through a broken board to cutting themselves on an exposed nail point to a sliver that still makes them shiver, everyone has had that kind of experience.


Worn down or damaged docks can be quite dangerous, and proper repairs are important to make sure that their integrity is fully restored. Whether your dock was damaged by a storm, a watercraft accident, or is just due for maintenance after years of quality service, C & L Landscaping in Jacksonville can help with the elite craftsmanship our or marine dock repair and building team.


Check out our gallery to see some of our work and click on the button below to schedule your marine dock repair.

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Why Choose C & L Landscaping For Your Backyard Pool Project?

There is no shortage of Florida landscaping companies to choose from in Jacksonville, but C & L Landscaping distinguish ourselves in a  number of important ways:

  • Service docks and outdoor wooden structures of all sizes
  • Family owned-and-run company
  • Local roots
  • Almost 30 years of marine dock repair experience
  • Female-led 
  • A history of craftsmanship
Start Planning Your Landscaping Project With C & L