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Why are my shrubs leaves turning yellow?

As the premier landscaping and irrigation company in Jacksonville, we frequently hear this question from area homeowners. Frustrated with what appears to be an unhealthy plant, gardeners and homeowners often look for a quick remedy to the yellowing of their shrub’s leaves.

Providing texture, weight, color and greenery to any Florida landscape, shrubs are an important element to any well-rounded landscape. With established shrubbery, a homeowner can enjoy a variety of benefits, including privacy and inexpensive boundary markings. But when they start to turn yellow, a quick fix is not to be expected. There exist a variety of issues that could be causing the discoloration and only through systematic trial and error can we find the answer. The various causes of yellowing leaves include:

  • Iron deficiency
  • Sucking insect damage
  • Air pollution
  • High soil pH
  • Poor drainage or root drowning
  • Improper exposure to sunlight
  • Lack of fertilizer
  • End of the life cycle for individual leaves

To find out just what is causing your shrub’s distress, call the experts at C & L Landscape and inquire about plant diagnostic services. We can help identify the problem and take the measures to get your plants and shrubs looking their finest.