If you haven’t looked at the calendar lately, you may be surprised to learn that spring is right around the corner. Soon we will be breaking out the shorts and opening the windows. Don’t forget that you have a lawn to take care of as well. Spring is the perfect time to get your lawn ready. At C & L Landscape, we can help you with some suggestions to prepare your lawn for some gorgeous landscaping.

What’s the climate?

We are in Florida where it can get hot and humid. The plants that you want to grow in your yard should be the type that can handle a lot of sun and a lot of moisture. Planting flowers and plants that need cooler climates would be a wasted effort because the chances of it surviving more than a year is slim. Hiring C & L Landscape means that you are hiring people that know what greenery will be best in your landscape design.


Hiring a landscaping expert means that you get people with the know-how to come up with a great landscape design. You will want to go your research on what type of design you would like for your lawn. Do you want a lot of grass or would you like to bring in rocks? What about pavers? Together we will give you a landscape that you could only dream of.


Another thing to keep in mind when planning a landscape design is what kinds of animals or pests do you have in your neighborhood. If you have a lot of wildlife or insects around your home, you need to consider some type of fence or specific type of plant to help ward them off.

We have more suggestions for you so make sure that you check back here soon to read some more.