One topic of discussion that our Jacksonville landscaping clients often bring up is the debate between sod and seed when it comes to giving new life to your lawn. There are pros and cons to each option which we will be discussing in today’s blog. If you are considering seed or sod installation in Jacksonville, FL, C & L Landscaping can help you decide which is right for you.

The Cost Of Sod Versus Seed

According to Home Advisor, installing sod over prepared soil or performing full sod replacement can cost homeowners anywhere from $450 to $4,500 based on the the type of sod, the size of the yard, and where they’re located  — though, sod installation in Jacksonville is thankfully toward the lower end of that spectrum, with homeowners paying an average of $1,500 for this project. However, if budget is a major factor in your decision between seed or sod, laying seed can save you a lot of money.

The Turnaround Time

When installing sod, it is best to not walk on it for two to three weeks. However, after that period, as long as the roots have become established, your new lawn is ready for regular use. You can check if the roots are established by gently tugging up on the turf. If it lifts easily, it might need a little more time for the roots to secure to the ground below. Seed, on the other hand, typically cannot withstand any foot traffic for an entire growing season. That means if you want a lawn you can use quickly, sod is the best option.

Withstanding Erosion

With the high volume of rain we get here in Jacksonville, it is very likely that the seeds you lay down this week will be washed away by rain next week or even months from now as new grass roots are incredibly fragile. Sod, on the other hand, helps to immediately reduce erosion by acting as a physical barrier between rain or wind and the soil beneath. This also allows the roots to establish themselves without being washed away.

The Best Time To Install

Seed should be placed during the height of the growing season for that specific species of grass to ensure the best results. Otherwise, your lawn might end up weak and susceptible to pests and weeds. Sod installation can happen throughout the year here in Jacksonville. Though, if you choose to have sod installed during the peak of summer heat, you will need to take a few extra precautions to keep it healthy and hydrated.

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Options For Grass Species

If you were to go to Google and type, “sod near me,” you will likely find two or three varieties in the area ranging from Bermuda grass to St. Augustine. Both of these are hardy grasses that do well in lawns. However, if you choose to seed your lawn, whether professionally or by yourself, you will have a lot more options for rare or exotic grasses.

Which Lawn Option Is Right For Me?

Knowing which lawn option is right for you will depend on a few factors. For example, do you need your entire lawn redone or is there just a few dead patches that need replacing? Do you have a large or small budget? Is it important that you can use your new lawn sooner rather than later? Do you have dogs or children that will be running around your yard? All of these questions can help you decide whether to look for grass seed or sod replacement or installation in Jacksonville, FL.

As your Jacksonville residential landscapers, we are happy to schedule a free consultation for your upcoming landscaping project where we can help you decide if laying seed or installing sod will be better based on your needs, budget, and timeline. Get in touch today for a quote on lawn installation or sod replacement!