1. More Types Of Grass Used In North Florida Landscaping

    In our last blog, we talked about some types of grass. There are so many types that we thought that we would talk about more types in this blog. Choosing the type of grass for your landscaping requires lots of knowledge about the grass and the type of soil you have on your property. Centipede Grass In the panhandle and across Northern Florida, you will see Centipede grass all over the place. It is…Read More

  2. Types Of Grass Used In North Florida Landscaping

    Here in Florida, we don’t really get a winter. Not like the ones in Colorado or Vermont, for example. We are lucky enough to be, for the most part, warm all year round. This also means that we have to tend to our lawns all year. Grass can only grow if there is moisture so if we have warm temperatures but no moisture, grasses tend to go dormant. Here in Jacksonville, our grass grows depending on …Read More