1. Why Hire a Professional Landscaping Company?

    It may be tempting to take on the project of residential landscaping yourself, whether it be lawn care, weeding, or sprinkler work. But the benefits of hiring a professional landscaping company far outweigh the benefits of DIY, while also freeing up your time and allowing the entire process to move more efficiently. C and L Landscape can help you create a beautiful lawn or outdoor living space whi…Read More

  2. 4 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Landscaping

    So you’ve decided it’s time! It’s time to really drive into improving your residential landscaping and to help your lawn be as healthy as possible. C and L Landscape is proud to help you create the perfect  outdoor living space and redesign your front yard; this is why we’re offering up our advice on how to achieve the best results. As a homeowner, you may be making a few common mistakes …Read More

  3. 4 Reasons to Work With C and L Landscape

    The outside of your home or business is just as important as the inside — perhaps even more important, as any outdoor living space or front yard sets the tone for visitors and clients. C and L Landscape in Jacksonville, FL is your premium choice for residential and commercial landscaping services. You deserve to have a gorgeous, well-trimmed, and well-maintained space to welcome members of the c…Read More

  4. Is Your Lawn Looking Brown?

    There’s nothing quite as satisfying as looking out the window or your home and seeing a lush, green landscape that’s so beautiful it almost seems to invite you outside.  Of course, the opposite is true as well. When you look out and you’re greeted with a lawn that’s full of brown spots, it can be disheartening. In fact, it makes you want to close the windows and ignore the problem. Unfort…Read More

  5. 3 Projects to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Space

    There’s a lot to love about having a space where you can relax — and there’s no better place to settle down after a long day than in your own backyard. That’s why at C&L Landscape, we specialize in landscaping, fountain building, and irrigation installation in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities. If your backyard could use some help, you’re not alone. Thankfully, our team of…Read More

  6. Planning Ahead For Your Summer Landscaping Needs?

    Although it’s still a bit chilly, the great news is that before you know it, spring will be in full swing here in Jacksonville. After a difficult 2020 and a cold winter, there’s a lot to look forward to this spring and summer — and everyone could use a little more time outside enjoying their outdoor living spaces! That’s why at C&L Landscape, we believe that having something to look fo…Read More

  7. 5 Ways To Update Your Patio This Winter

    Is your patio looking a little worse for wear these days? At C & L Landscape, we can help give your patio and surrounding landscaping a much-needed upgrade. And while patios in our area can be used year-round, giving your backyard a facelift now will make sure it’s ready for barbecues and backyard parties by the time spring and summer come around. As your Jacksonville landscapers, we can han…Read More

  8. What People Are Saying About C & L Landscape

    After over three decades in business providing Jacksonville residents with landscaping services, people have had a lot to say about us. Over the years, we have had extremely positive feedback from clients, much of which focuses on our ability to get jobs done on time and stay on budget, the fact that we clean up at the end of each day so your area looks great - even in the middle of a project, and…Read More

  9. Myths About Lawn Care You Definitely Should Not Believe

      When it comes to lawn care, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about what practices are best. Today, C & L Landscape is busting some of these myths to help our Jacksonville residents take the best care of their lawns. So before you pick up that garden hose or break out the fertilizer, check out the truth behind these three myths. Myth: It doesn’t matter what time yo…Read More