Providing residential landscaping services in Jacksonville isn’t always an easy task. After all, we live and work in a very unique climate. It’s more like the jungle than anything else, which means our growing season–and the things we can grow within it–is very different from other places in the country.

Many of the people who depend on C&L Landscape Inc. for residential landscaping services ask us to recommend low-maintenance plants that will make their yard look great without a lot of work. Our answer? Native plants.

Why Choose Native Plants For Residential Landscaping?dreamstime_3904792

While imported flowers and the bushes that you remember from your childhood in New England may be beautiful, they’re never going to be as easy to grow as plants that are native to the Jacksonville area.

Some of our favorite native plants to incorporate into residential landscaping projects include

  1. Coontie – This bush has green, leathery fronds like a palm tree but never gets much bigger than about three feet by three feet, making it perfect for residential landscaping.
  2. Blue-Eyed Grass – This lovely plant is actually a member of the iris family, blooming in spring and most of the time again in the fall. It produces cute blue flowers and is well suited to surviving both droughts and floods.
  3. Firebush – This shrub is can be pruned to any size or shape, and it’s a favorite food of hummingbirds and butterflies!

Want to see how easy it can be to create a beautiful front yard with native plants? Contact the residential landscaping experts at C&L Landscape Inc. in Jacksonville today.