How often do you walk up the sidewalk to your own front door in Jacksonville? If you’re like most of us here at C&L Landscape Inc. it’s not very often.

Especially when you have a family, you tend to use other doors, like those off of a side porch or garage, to access your home on a daily basis. The front sidewalk and door are reserved for company (or the mailman), but what kind of impression are they imparting?

If your sidewalk is warped, cracked, or riddled with weeds, it’s time to think about replacing it with beautiful brick pavers or some other type of landscaping stone.

Why? Well without brick pavers, you could actually be decreasing the curb appeal of your home.

Cracked Sidewalks Are A Hazard

What if someone were to trip and fall while making their way to your front door, simply because you hadn’t called C&L Landscape Inc. to talk about replacing your cracked sidewalk with brick pavers?

Our Brick Pavers Look Beautiful

Our landscape professionals are experts when it comes to making patterns and designs with brick pavers. Whether you’d like the path to bend back and forth like a river, or employ a straight-but-staggered pattern, we can create the look to suit your needs.

Contact C&L Landscape Inc. in Jacksonville to learn more about how our brick paving and patio design services can give your residence a much needed facelift (and make it safer, too!).

We’d be happy to come out to your property and provide a FREE consultation.