In our last blog, we talked about some types of grass. There are so many types that we thought that we would talk about more types in this blog. Choosing the type of grass for your landscaping requires lots of knowledge about the grass and the type of soil you have on your property.

Centipede Grass

In the panhandle and across Northern Florida, you will see Centipede grass all over the place. It is the most common grass here. Centipede grass is low maintenance and is lighter in color than some of the other grasses. A lot of homeowners will try to fertilize the grass to make it greener but doing this will kill the grass. This grass needs to be mowed every 7-14 days or whenever the grass is 1.5-2.5 inches high.

Bermuda Grass

A very popular type of grass throughout Florida and the southern states, Bermuda grass is good at adapting to different soils and climates. This type of grass is a medium green and is a dense turf. It does well in drought conditions and can grow in full sun and partial shade. Bermuda grass is also seen on many golf courses and athletic fields.

Seashore Paspalum

This type of grass is becoming more and more popular on seawalls because it is very salt tolerant and can be watered with poor quality water. It doesn’t grow much during the winter months but still needs to be mowed frequently. Cut the grass when it reaches about 2 inches. This type of grass needs a lot of care including thatching and weed control every year or so.
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