When you buy land or a house by the water, you will most likely want a boat.  And in order  to get onto the boat, you will need a sturdy dock. But if this is the first time that you have ever had to worry about the upkeep of a boat dock, it can be a little overwhelming without the right help. At C & L Landscape, we are experts at marine construction, and we are here to give you of the basics when it comes to keeping your dock afloat.


All of the wood on your floating dock should have a protective seal coating on it. Sealant helps keep the wood protected from algae and barnacles from destroying the wood. You will need to have your dock cleaned with pressurized water from time to time and have the sealant replaced.


It is important to inspect your marine construction every now and then to make sure that the wood is still strong and not wearing out. If you have to go underwater, make sure to bring your goggles so you can see and make sure that you are safe in the water.

Remove extras

When your dock is submerged underwater for an extended period of time, things start to grow on it. Things like plants, algae and barnacles can pile up and damage the wood. Keeping the wood clean can help your floating dock last longer.

If you feel like there is more to the upkeep of your marine construction, you would be right. Make sure to check back next time to find out more about how C & L Landscape can help you keep your docks maintained.