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At C & L Landscape, it might surprise some to know that we take marine construction just as seriously as we take landscaping in the Jacksonville area! Our Marine Construction Division of our landscaping company boasts some of the best dock builders and dock repair technicians in the state.

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Do I Need A Dock Building And Repair Contractor?

If half of your dock is in the water or washed away, then you clearly need dock repair. But what about the less obvious signs that something is wrong with your dock? Below we have listed some of the most frequent problems we encounter when inspecting docks that are in need of repair. If one or more of the following sound a little too familiar to you, we would suggest getting in touch with your Jacksonville dock builders for an inspection and repair plan.

Rotting Wood: If you have a wooden dock, you can expect some sort of wood rot at one point or another. If the damage is only in a small area, we will usually be able to go in and address those concerns. However, if there is extensive damage, the entire dock may need to be repaired in order to prevent a total washout or injuries resulting from rotted wood.

Rusted, Warped, or Cracked Supports: Whether your dock supports are wood or metal, chances are they have taken a beating from being in the water. If these supports have serious cracks or are nearly rusted away, it’s only a matter of time before your whole dock goes with it.

Broken Dock Float: If you have a floating dock, keeping an eye on the state of the floats is essential. This is also a tricky job, as the floats are typically located underneath the dock. For this reason, it is best to call the dock repair contractors who do this stuff every day.

Eroded Ground: If your dock is in a moving body of water, such as on the St. Johns or Trout Rivers, likely the ground beneath your dock has changed significantly over the years. All of that running water can cause the ground to erode and make a once-stable dock a huge liability without you even realizing it. Our dock repair technicians can perform a routine inspection to ensure your dock support posts are securely anchored into the ground. If for some reason the ground has eroded too much and will no longer support your dock, we can discuss options for dock removal and installation of a floating dock.

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Now is the perfect time to ensure that your dock is sturdy and secure before we enter into the summer storm season. Get in touch with C & L Landscape today to schedule a dock inspection. The sooner you call us, the more likely it is that we can save your dock and save you some money by avoiding a total dock replacement down the road. We have experience with all types of docks and boat lifts, and would love to be the dock builders you can trust!