From docks to bulkheads, we’ve got you covered

From docks to bulkheads, having damaged, less-than-functional marine structures can be an expensive repair down the road — not to mention a dangerous liability. At C & L Landscape, we work to provide you with the very best landscaping services, but that’s not all we do. In our beautiful area of Florida, we know that some people have grass and swing sets in their backyards, and some people have water and boats! So, we’ve gathered some of the best professionals and technicians in Florida to form our Marine Construction Division, offering all of the reliable and safe marine structures you need. 

Bringing all of the excellence you already expect from your landscaping company in Jacksonville to the water, we are able to install and repair docks and bulkheads. Whether you need the proper support for a sinking dock, a durable repair for a damaged seawall, or the quality boat lift installation you have been searching for, we have it all. We can provide dock repair, dock installation, and bulkhead work with the efficiency, dedication to customer service, and passion for flawless work that has gained us a reputation throughout Jacksonville.

All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll handle the rest.

Our professionals will thoroughly examine the site and the problems with your current marine construction, accounting for any future issues like flooding or currents. After gathering this information, we work as a team to brainstorm, come up with ideas, and fine-tune these solutions until we are sure that we have one that will give you a lasting quality. After this solution is unanimously agreed upon, we come to you with our proposition, explain why we believe this is the best path, and allow you to openly address concerns, modifications, etc. Once you and our team have agreed on a solution for your dock repair, bulkhead installation, or another project, we execute it with perfection, exceeding your expectations.

Let us provide everything you need to make your Jacksonville marine construction last a lifetime. Contact us today and see how we can help.