Do you have brick paving in your Jacksonville, FL yard? This is an attractive option for your home and the addition of a brick paver pathway can help increase the resale value of your property. One of the great things about brick paving is that it requires little maintenance and will last for years. You will, however, need to do some maintenance on these attractive brick paths in order to keep them clean, safe, and extend the life of your pathway.

  • Make sure the cracks between your pavers are sealed. This will prevent weeds and vegetation from growing up and misplacing the pavers over time. Use sand made for this purpose to help keep the pavers in place.
  • Keep your pavers clear of debris. Sweep them off once in a while and use a hose to wash them down. This will help prevent damage and keep them looking like new for longer.
  • Call in a professional team like C&L Landscape Inc. to seal your pavers or to power wash them every few years. This maintains the look and quality of your paver paths, and our team can address any repairs that need to happen in order to keep your pathway safe.

If you don’t have brick paving in your Jacksonville yard but would like to have one, call our Florida team today! We offer free consultations on our services so you can get a free quote on and more information on the pavers you want in your yard. Give us a call or contact us on our website to schedule your free consultation today.