Pavers and pergolasNow that spring is in full swing, you may want to spend more and more time out in your backyard. But if you only have a slab of concrete with a plastic Adirondack chair or two, chances are that you are not going to want to spend much time out there. So we thought that we would give you some backyard ideas that might help you spruce up your outdoor living space.


The first thing you want to think about is how many people are going to be in your backyard at any given time. Do you want to host get togethers every Saturday evening? Is it just going to be you, your spouse and your two kids? This will make a huge difference in the furnishings you need. You will want a chair and possible table set for your family but for big shindigs, you will want to have, basically, a living room in your backyard.

Porch, paths and walkways

A slab of concrete is boring and not very inviting. You could invest in building a porch with brick pavers to add some design and even some color to your backyard. You can also designate walking paths and walkways around your backyard so that your guests aren’t walking through your grass.


Having proper lighting makes all of the difference in your backyard landscape. You need just enough light to be able to see where you are going but you want to keep the ambiance of having less lighting than you would have in your living room. You should also decide if you would like to have a fireplace in your backyard. Fireplaces offer warmth as well as a centerpiece to gather around when the family is sharing stories.

There are many things that you can to make your outdoor living space be the place everyone wants to hang out in. If you need help with your backyard ideas, call us at C & L Landscape and let us help you.