1. 3 Reasons To Add A Patio Area To Your Commercial Landscaping

      If you own your own commercial property here in the Jacksonville area, you may think of commercial landscaping as a necessary evil. Unlike residential properties, an office building or store is a place of business, not a place people live. This means that they often tend to be more sparing when it comes to commercial landscaping. Shouldn’t healthy grass and a few trees in the parking lot be e…Read More

  2. The 3 Most Important Elements of Commercial Landscaping

    Nothing says "Welcome" quite like an attractive, clean and easily-accessible entrance to your establishment. For retail establishments, making people comfortable while drawing them in is imperative to doing business; probably more than most other factors. Think about it: if they aren't attracted to your business, they won't have the chance to find out how great your services or products are; they …Read More

  3. The Importance of Curb Appeal at Your Business

    Commercial landscaping is the grooming of a business establishment to enhance its physical appeal. C & L Landscaping adds so much more than just a physical appeal to businesses. We focus on the details and leave no stone un-turned. We seek to increase your revenue and attraction to your business through commercial landscaping. Customers highly value an attractive business. First impressions ar…Read More