Is your patio looking a little worse for wear these days? At C & L Landscape, we can help give your patio and surrounding landscaping a much-needed upgrade. And while patios in our area can be used year-round, giving your backyard a facelift now will make sure it’s ready for barbecues and backyard parties by the time spring and summer come around.

As your Jacksonville landscapers, we can handle everything from landscape design to installation and from building pergolas to building pools. If you are wondering how to best update your patio, we have a few ideas. Keep reading to get some inspiration, and be sure to contact C & L Landscape to get your project started!

Patio Upgrade Ideas

Install Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are an incredibly popular option for patio installation in Jacksonville. Brick pavers come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors and are reasonably priced. While poured concrete can easily crack, brick pavers take durability to the next level. And, if a few pavers happen to crack, you can simply replace broken pieces instead of tearing up the entire patio.

Add A Fire Pit

Installing a fire pit on your patio can make it a place that the whole family loves to hang out. Whether you want a traditional wood fire pit or a gas fire pit you can simply turn on with a switch, our residential landscaping company can help you create an area you’ll love.

Want To Give Your Backyard A Makeover this Winter? We Can Help!

Bring The Kitchen To The Patio

If you build it, they will come. The best way to get your friends and family to spend time on your newly renovated patio is to make it place that everyone loves to be. One way to do this is by bringing the kitchen outside. While you could settle for just a grill, why not go the extra mile and install a patio kitchen complete with a sink, stone countertops, and a mini-fridge?

Install A Pergola

A pergola can add class and elegance to a patio while also providing some much-needed shade. Because we also have our general contracting license, we can provide landscaping and paver installation in addition to building safe, sturdy, and beautiful pergolas.

Update The Landscaping Around The Patio

If you don’t love your backyard, upgrading the patio might just be putting a band-aid over the wound. Take a look at your backyard as a whole. If you did all of the above to your patio, would something still feel off? If so, you might want to have our landscapers update your entire yard. That way you have something beautiful to look at as you spend time on your brand new patio.

Are You Ready To Update Your Patio?

Whether you want to do something as simple as installing a brick paver patio or completely redesign your backyard, C & L Landscape can help! Our team can design and install beautiful landscaping and patio elements to make your backyard the shining star of your home. Get in touch today to talk about your upcoming Jacksonville residential landscaping project!